Why you NEED Jervis Systems Property Access and Automation Platform:

A rental host nightmare…

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like everything you touch turns to poop? This is a story of one of those days, with an ending that I certainly never expected, creating a property access and automation platform.

It started off as a normal day. I woke up, caffeinated myself so I could think straight, pretended to eat a healthy breakfast, caffeinated myself some more, and took off to work. My day was okay, and as things were ending I was looking forward to going home to relax with my family. My wife was making my favorite dinner, and I was going to have some quality time with my kids.

The phone call that would change everything

Then it happened. The phone call that would change my plans and mess up my evening. Apparently, my cleaning crew showed up at my rental property but somehow managed to forget the key to enter. This meant that I had to drive across town to let them in, and I had to get this done before the next guests were scheduled to arrive, which was just a few hours. So, I did what every husband wants to do and called my wife to let her know that my favorite dinner would have to be kept warm for me, and I had to disappoint my kids. All because the cleaning crew didn’t have a key.

    Go keyless

As I was sitting in traffic, in the mother of all rush-hour traffic jams, I knew there had to be a better way. At that moment I avoided giving myself a stroke by coming up with an idea that would prevent me from ever having to sit in traffic again. It would prevent me from having to miss precious time with my kids, and I would not have to go home to both a cold dinner and a cold shoulder from my family. That idea was a tool to let me manage all aspects of my rental and do it all remotely at that! This was truly an ah-ha moment!

The birth of Jervis Systems…

Fast forward to the present day…

After extensive testing by both myself, family, and friends, I am happily introducing to you the fruits of my brainstorm: Jervis Systems.

Jervis Systems access automation software

I am sure you are already way ahead of me and have locks on your doors with changeable codes. I will be the first to admit that I was a little slow on doing this, but now I live the digital lock life as well. With Jervis Systems I can change the codes on the doors of my rental property at any time, and even set up a schedule. Between this and the other features, I don’t ever have to go to my property, Jervis Systems lets me do everything remotely.

In the last few years of renting our Loudoun Escape property in Ashburn, Virginia, we have had over 200 rentals as of April 2021. Even with this large number of rentals, I have never had to travel to my rental to check a guest in or to let our cleaning or maintenance company in. When other rental owners in the area discovered my system they pretty much begged me to manage their properties. This is how Jervis Systems was born.

I created Jervis Systems to be an integral part of our guest experience but also to build a system any property manager can sign up for and use to automate access and streamline processes and do it with ease.

 Property access and automation platform

an easy to use access management platform

Not only does Jervis Systems offer significant time savings to property owners, but it also gives tremendous flexibility to our guests. Guests can check in anytime they want without the need to wait for someone to let them in and their guest access is automatically removed at check-out time.

We took our automation with Jervis Systems even further by automating access for our cleaning company to allow them to have access to the property an hour after a guest checks out (timeframe is configurable from our Jervis Systems dashboard) so they can automatically get into the property to clean and leave before the next guest arrives.

This is just the beginning of what Jervis Systems does for us and what it can do for you.

Some of the questions to ask yourself are:

  1. How much time are you spending every month doing repetitive tasks such as getting a guest set up? (I am guessing way too much)
  2. Are you keeping the same PIN codes on your smart lock between rentals? (not at all a safe thing to do)
  3. Is your time worth more than $15 – $25 a month? (I am sure it is)
  4. Have you ever wanted to offer professional-level features like using Amazon Alexa as a virtual concierge?
  5. Have you run into issues with rentals and wished you had required guests to sign your own rental agreement and not just from the rental booking site you are using? (so many times!)

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, a property access and automation platform will significantly improve your rental experiences.

Now imagine…

  1. Completely automating access to your property once you get a reservation on your booking site.
  2. Automating access for your cleaning company so they can seamlessly enter/exit your property.
  3. Amazon Alexa answering custom-made questions and answers you add directly from your Jervis Systems dashboard.
  4. Sending a customized rental agreement to your guests to review and sign before they get access to your property.
  5. Changing PIN codes and access between every rental protecting your property and your guests.
  6. Allowing your guests to check-in at any time with 6 access options.

Jervis Systems puts seamless automation, professional features, and integrated security in your hands and is very affordable since it will pay for itself just in the saved time you will realize.

Check us out at and to give us a try!


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