September 29, 2020

Smart Locks for Remote Access: Call2Command

At Jervis Systems, we strive to make property management easier and more efficient. One of the ways we’re doing this is by harnessing the power of smart locks for remote access. We developed a patent-pending keyless access feature that we’ve named Call2Command. 

Jervis Systems’ Call2Command feature currently supports four smart locks for remote access: the Schlage Sense, Schlage Encode, Yale Assure and August WiFi smart locks. In our last video, we demonstrated the Schlage locks. Now that we’ve finished our integration of the Yale Assure and August Wi-Fi locks, we have another video demo to share with you.

I made this quick video with my daughters to share our progress with you while we’re in development. We will be shooting a professional version of the demo soon, so stay tuned for that one, too. 

Smart Locks for Remote Access: A Property Manager’s Dream

In the video, you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to use the Call2Command feature to lock or unlock doors. You simply:

  • call Jervis Systems,
  • confirm the phone number you are calling from, and
  • choose an option from our clear, easy-to-understand menu.

For the purpose of these demos, we named the locks exactly what they are called: Yale Assure and August WiFi. However, in real use cases, property owners and managers would likely assign more descriptive names to the locks, like “front door” or “garage door.”

Jervis Systems is built to allow such personalization. It’s our goal to make the Jervis Systems Dashboard as customizable as possible, to better serve smart home enthusiasts, property managers and vacation rental guests.

Smart locks for remote access for property managers and their guests.

For more information on this feature and the many others we’ve integrated into Jervis Systems, hop on over to our features page. We are certain you’ll be as excited about trying them as we are. Our guests at the Loudoun Escape property have tested this capability and provided incredibly positive feedback. They’ve even made suggestions for improvement that are now on our to-do list.

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