Testing Remote Keyless Front Door Locks – Our Lock Lab

As an exclusive update for July, we’ve been working hard at Jervis Systems to test and integrate our patent-pending features into our dashboard. The priority is our users, and we want anyone in our system to be able to sign up and use these features easily. In the meantime, we’re also testing our remote keyless front door locks in a unique way that’s easy to showcase and demo.

Our convenience features help you in home automation

A few of the features that my team and I are personally excited about, relating to these front door locks, is the ability to trigger commands via text message or phone calls to smart devices. We call these features Text2Command and Call2Command. I’ll post in much more detail about these features and why I feel these are the future when it comes to features for effective property management and property management systems.

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We’ve been testing out our Text2Command and Call2Command features at the Loudoun Escape property to unlock our Schlage Sense and Schlage Encode locks. I built a lock lab a while prior, but it looked pretty basic at that time. I had a contractor friend who helps with projects at our luxury Loudoun Escape property help me clean it up and make it ready for demoing. We are expanding our support of locks from Schlage to also include the Yale Assure Smart Lock (with support for Connected by August) and the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th generation).

How We Setup a Remote Keyless Front Door Locks Lab

Below are some pictures of what I’m calling our Jervis Systems Lock Lab. It has our test versions of all of the locks we officially support at the present time. Think this is it in product integration for your home? Not so fast – we’re adding more locks as we develop. I promise!

remote keyless front door locks
remote keyless front door locks
remote keyless front door locks


My daughters (aka assistants!) wanted to watch and help. Here’s a picture of the two of them next to our lock lab.

Below is a video introducing our lock lab as well:


This has been perfect for testing!

Why this design though? Each lock is able to be individually rotated on the base. This makes it easy to show how the locks work with the features we have created.

In a separate, upcoming blog post, I’ll also explain which of the locks I recommend above all – and the specific reasons why. (Spoiler: They’re make-or-break for making your home automation system sustainable.) Stay tuned for these additional blog posts over the next few weeks demoing out the capabilities individually!

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We’re currently offering users the chance to beta test our features before they’re revealed to property managers everywhere. Contact us here to gain early access and learn more about our official launch!

In the meantime, learn more about how Jervis Systems is changing the game in property management system potential.



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