Master The Art Of Property Access With This Two-Tier System Approach

In the property rental realm, there are different tiers, or levels, of access control that you’ll deal with directly or indirectly as a property owner or manager.

Main property access levels for visitors

There are two major tiers of access common to property management teams. It is vital to know these tiers so you can properly direct guest and visitor access in an efficient and secure way.

Tier 1 access

This tier involves the need to grant someone access to a property temporarily or for longer-term, when the users do not need (or want) access to an additional website or mobile app.

Access to a website or mobile app would require registration as an additional step that would need to be completed. For a user who wants a quick and seamless experience, this can be a huge barrier, and oftentimes, it’s not needed.

There are several use cases that involve this level of access for a property:

  • Friends or family are stopping by to check on your property when you are not home.
  • A dogwalker or friend is checking on your pets while you’re at work.
  • A daycare provider needs access for babysitting or other child care services.
  • A guest needs convenient entry access to a short-term rental property

Traditionally, this would involve sharing keys, a garage door opener and pin codes for your property. Having to meet up and exchange keys and instructions for access (and do it again on check-out) can be a headache. That headache multiplies if you have to replace misplaced keys or garage door openers.

property owner gaining property access by unlocking the silver deadbolt lock on white door, hand seen unlocking the lock only


The proprietary features of Jervis Systems can eliminate those property management headaches.

The Jervis Call2Command and Text2Command features come in handy here. Both features allow a property owner or property manager to register a user for temporary or long-term access.

The individual needing access simply calls or texts a number managed by Jervis Systems and is enabled access to the property.

That’s it! No apps or accounts are needed!

And best of all, it’s built to be secure. Only the user allowed access to the number is able to command the property, regardless of whether another unrelated user knows the phone number.

Tier 2 access

This specific level of access also involves the need to grant someone access to a property temporarily or within a longer-term stay. But Tier 2 differs from Tier 1 in that it offers more convenience to integrate with other automation features at the property.

For example, you have routines set up with your Alexa Echo Dot or Google Home device.

In our case, we’ve solved this access issue by having a user sign up quickly through our Jervis Systems App.

This takes some additional effort for the property owner or property manager, but allows them to provide an added layer of comfort and ease for the individual staying at or using their property.

As the proprietors of a luxury property, our team understands that a little extra effort can have a significant impact on guests, resulting in higher reviews.

Essentially, the property owner or manager providing this level of what we consider “executive access” does the following:

  • They will need to invite the user and assign the property role they want them to have.
  • They will need to grant access to the features they would like this visitor to have.

From the individual or guest’s perspective:

  • They will need to accept the invite they receive and sign up for Jervis Systems.
  • They will need to download the Jervis System app.

It’s an additional step involved for the property owner and a few steps for the visiting individual. Some users may not mind this. Tier 1 access is recommended for those who do not want to deal with downloading and setting up an app.

We still believe Tier 2 access is the best option for a guest or visitor to your property, because of the added customization of this option.

Jervis System allows both tiers of access through our website and app. It’s also far more convenient than managing access and feature control through various, individual apps such as MyQ, Ring, Schlage and August.

The potential of convenient property access

As you have probably realized, the second tier of access opens further doors for convenience features to better help guests and users at your property.

  • Create and assign checklists to users, such as handyman and cleaning companies (a cornerstone feature we offer with Jervis Systems).
  • A user or visitor is able to “press” a button to open and close the garage doors or unlock and lock a door.

The future of access: Jervis Simple Entry Technology

The potential in access is an existing feature in Jervis Systems, know as Simple Entry Technology (SET).

With SET, users who are authorized access to this feature for a property would simply need to press a button to open/close the garage doors and unlock/lock doors.

Handy, right?

We’ve built these levels of access right into our property management system. This system is meant to make a traditional process of sharing keys and access instructions efficient for the visitor and secure for the property management team.

Everyone benefits.

Property management solutions with Jervis Systems

From identifying the common roadblocks and stressors, Jervis Systems has incorporated the areas of opportunity into an app and desktop portal. The future of property management and automation is here.

You can contact us with further questions relating to our access features or try our 14-day free trial by signing up here.


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