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When I started out in the short-term rental world, I never planned on creating a management platform or managing multiple rentals. But during the last few years of hosting guests at our sister company, Loudoun Escape, other property owners and managers began to hear about the automation we were doing. It wasn’t long before they were inquiring about the smart devices, products, and processes we used to create the Loudoun Escape experience. They also needed help coordinating guest interaction and overall property management. Some asked about hiring our team to manage their rentals.
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Full property management wasn’t something I was ready to take on, at least not immediately. But setting up an affordable property management platform enabling other property managers and property owners to use the system we built? That sounded like something right up our team’s alley.

The birth of Jervis Systems

It was this cocktail of outside interest and our own investment in automation at Loudoun Escape, that led me to start our rental management platform, Jervis Systems. The possibilities for automation are limitless, and our team has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to develop and refine this platform. Our vision is to make an affordable system that is applicable to any rental or property type. From the Jervis Systems team quote by owner Bobby Varghese: Jervis Systems seeks to create a community connected by a powerful, easy-to-use platform.
The system’s core functions include access automation, rental agreements, and SET Call and SET Text functions. We’ll be introducing a few more very cool automation and integration features as the year goes on. I’ll highlight those in update postings here once we’ve launched. We can promise they’ll be worth having for your rental property! As Jervis Systems has become a reality, the potential for future integration and features is endless. We’ve established partnerships with great companies and great people over the past few months. We’re looking forward to continuing this journey with our team and partners, and with you: our valued user community!

Want early access to Jervis Systems?

We’re currently offering users the chance to beta test our features before they’re revealed to property managers everywhere. Contact us here to gain early access and learn more about our official launch!
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