August 21, 2023

How to Resolve the “Device Authorization Has Expired” Error Message

If you’ve received an automated message from Jervis saying that your “Device Authorization has expired: Unable to add or remove guest access”, this blog post is for you.

We have two options for you.

Option 1:

You can submit your credentials securely through the Support Request process. Our developers will connect your devices back for you.

  1. You can select “Not Applicable” for the Property, Device, Reservation and Unassigned Device fields.
  2. Select the checkbox for “I would like to submit credentials for my devices to assist in troubleshooting”.
  3. Please make sure you select your device vendor and enter in your device credentials.
  4. Our team will connect your device vendor. Credentials are not stored long term and only kept until devices are connected.
  5. Jervis will attempt to automatically map your devices back to their respective properties. If we are unable to do so, our team will contact you and let you know.

Option 2:

We explain how to easily fix this and get your devices reconnected in five simple steps.

  1. On your Jervis Systems Dashboard, go to the Devices page. Once there, select the Disconnect Devices tab and select the device vendor that matches the vendor specified in your expiration email. For example, if your Schlage Encode devices were expired, select Schlage Encode.

  1. Once you have completed Step 1, your devices should no longer be listed on your Devices page. Now it’s time to reconnect your devices. Click on the Import Devices tab and select the same device vendor you just disconnected.

  1. Follow the steps to put in your login credentials and authenticate with your device vendor. Once complete, you should see each of your imported devices now listed on the Devices page.

  1. If a property is not assigned to your device, please re-assign it as needed.

  1. Once the device is assigned, it will show as fully enabled and the status label will turn green. If it does not turn green automatically, you can refresh the page.

That’s it! Your devices should now be reconnected and assigned properly.

If you run into any issues, please contact the Jervis Systems Support Team by submitting a Support Request via your Jervis Systems account. If you need additional help connecting specific smart devices or your property management systems, check out the support guides on our FAQ page.



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