How to remotely manage your properties (tools and tips)

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Software available for property management
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The benefits of installing smart locks on your properties
Adding smart technology to remotely manage your properties


Competition in the field of rental properties continues to rapidly grow. At the same time, technology to manage these properties, such as Jervis Systems, is advancing at a breakneck pace. If you are one of the competing rental owners or property managers drowning in the sea of the nearly 48 million rental units across the U.S., we will explain how you can remotely manage your properties using Jervis Systems, with far more ease than what you may be currently doing.

To hire a property manager or to self-manage?

As you are aware, there are many ways to manage your rental including the choices of self-management or hiring a property management company. Tracking income, cost management, collecting payments, background screening, and coordinating repairs, are just some of the tedious aspects of property management. If you are still debating if you should self-manage or hire a property management company. There is interesting information about this at Zillow. (1)

Deciding to manage your property yourself or to hand it over to a trusted property manager is a decision you will want to take your time thinking about. Although at first it may seem overwhelming, self-managing property is a task being made easier each day with new technology and software innovations such as Jervis Systems.

Software to remotely manage your properties

As a property owner or manager, there is great software available to stay on top of tracking your tenants, rental income, maintenance issues, staff management, and more. However, the one thing that is not included in any of these ‘top’ property management software is remote access management

What is remote access management software?

You might be thinking what is access management software and why do I need it? The ability to remotely manage access to your property from anywhere in the world and at any time is a definite way to save time and resources. Actively securing your properties, granting/revoking access with the tips of your fingers, automating incoming/outgoing tenants, and more is done with access management software. Say goodbye to lost keys, lockouts, and locksmith bills when managing your access using smart devices like smart locks and smart garage doors. Jervis Systems access management software is an easy-to-use platform/app that lets you remotely manage your property’s access.

How can smart locks increase value and how to remotely manage your properties using them:

Traditional locks are becoming ancient technology. When smart locks can increase value in your property, security, and productivity it is a no-brainer to make the one-time investment into smart locks.

Schlage and August have complete  Wifi-enabled smart locks giving property owners, managers, and landlords the ability to remotely manage their properties reliably. (2) The Genie Company has even released a smart garage door controller, the Genie Aladdin, which gives you remote control over all of your garage doors. (3)

While the reliability of this technology has drastically increased over the last few years by switching to wifi, managing all properties, all locks, and all garage doors at once has been an issue. This is why Jervis Systems was born, to give full control over all of your properties access from one easy-to-use platform and app. No longer do you have to switch between apps, clicking between properties, keeping the same code for all guests, and manually granting/revoking access. Jervis Systems remote access management platform takes away these problems with one easy-to-use platform and app.

Why you should add smart technology to remotely manage your properties:

Still unsure about adding new smart tech to your properties? The use of the cloud combined with new smart technology is taking over the industry. A few benefits to remotely managing your properties using smart technology are reduced costs, protecting your assets, and increasing the value of your property. 

Programmed sensors for HVAC systems reduce the cost of utilities for tenants and maintenance costs on AC systems. Save money on insurance by using qualifying smart devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide sensors and moisture and humidity detectors. Install smart locks to secure your home and provide effortless access to guests giving you peace of mind by always knowing who has access and getting alerts on who enters and when.

The change from traditional locks to smart locks has many benefits not only for rental properties but for your own home. Know when your kids arrive home, give out digital keys to not compromise security, and have 24/7 control over your home’s access just to name a few. With these new tech advances, some properties may have an array of different devices installed. This is one of the biggest advantages to Jervis Systems, the leading access management software, allowing you to connect and pair all of your locks and garage doors to one easy-to-use platform no matter the brands.

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