How to Release the Shackle on the MasterLock Bluetooth Lock Boxes 

Getting the shackle to release on the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Boxes can be tricky. Based on our long-time experience with these smart lock boxes, here’s three tips we recommend:

  • Pull up on the shackle until you feel the shackle mechanism engage. In general, the shackle should be able to slide up and down slightly while attached to the lock box.
  • Hold the lock box body steady and push down on only the left shackle leg.
  • Removing the shackle without using the app can only be done with the Primary code, not the Secondary or Temporary code. The Primary Code can be found on your instruction sheet or in the Master Lock app.
  1. To release the shackle using the Primary Code, simultaneously press and hold the center button while pressing the first digit of the Primary Code.
  1. Release both buttons and then proceed with inputting the rest of your Primary Code.
  2. Afterward, you should see a green light and hear a click.
  1. Pull on the shackle to remove it from the lock box. You can also try to remove the shackle by turning it upside down so that gravity can play a supporting role. Note: You will have 5 seconds to remove the shackle before it locks again. 
  1. To reattach the shackle, insert the legs firmly into the lock box body until you hear a click.
  2. Once you’ve removed the shackle, consider lubricating the shafts. See the additional guide here on Master Lock care.

If you run into any issues, please contact the Jervis Systems Support Team by submitting a Support Request via your Jervis Systems account. If you need additional help connecting specific smart devices or your property management systems, check out the support guides on our FAQ page.



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