How to Create a Keyless Access “Backup Plan” for Your STR

You set up your smart locks and you follow all the steps to set up your PIN code access for your guests, but then – it happens.

A guest wants to check into your property and finds that the PIN code doesn’t work.

There are a variety of reasons that this may happen (power outages, Internet connectivity issues with the smart lock, lock batteries dying, improper confirmation messages from the lock vendor APIs, etc.).

It’s a rare occurrence when it comes to rental property management, but you want to avoid it at all costs.

Luckily, there are a couple of easy ways to make sure you have your ducks in a row and prevent this issue from turning into a major headache for everyone.

Here’s what we recommend for creating an easy backup plan:

Keep 2 to 3 backup door codes on hand to share with guests in case of such emergencies.  You can label the codes you generate as Backup-1, Backup-2, and Backup-3 in the locks themselves so you know when they are used.  These codes should be used only for emergencies and in situations where guests cannot enter the property using the Jervis-generated code.

Having a backup code on hand can be extremely helpful in ensuring that guests are able to access their rental property smoothly, even if there are issues with the primary code. This will provide a better experience for the guests and help prevent delays or inconveniences (i.e. you having to drive out to the property).

In order to maintain the security of the properties, we highly recommend keeping the backup code confidential. Additionally, make sure that the code is changed after the guest it has been shared with has checked out.

In a similar vein, we recommend planning for worst-case scenarios where the battery dies on the locks or the lock malfunctions. To avoid these issues, you can store multiple backup physical keys in one lockbox or have one lockbox per use case (guest access doors, cleaning company doors, etc.) We highly recommend the Master Lock lockboxes that can be mounted securely to a wall outside your front door or inside your garage. 

Image of Master Lock Home Bluetooth personal use lock boxes for rental properties

Check out our other recommendations for lockboxes listed on our supported devices page on the Jervis Systems website.

Let us know if you have any other questions when it comes to SET PIN codes. 

We continue to update our Support guides. You can check out our FAQ page to find these guides, alongside answers to other frequently asked questions.



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