How to Connect Your Tuya Smart Devices to Jervis Systems

With the Jervis Systems-Tuya integration, you can import your property listings and reservation details and automate property access via SET PIN codes for guests, cleaning companies, and maintenance personnel.

With Jervis, import your Tuya WiFi-enabled smart locks in just a few easy steps: 

  1. First, make sure you are connected to your property management system or channel manager of choice by navigating to the Marketplace page. Each PMS platform will have its unique requirements to connect. To view the instructions for your specific PMS, check out the user guides on our FAQ page.
screenshot of Jervis Systems PMS marketplace
  1. Once your PMS is connected, you will want to make sure all of your properties are enabled. To verify this status, navigate to the Properties page. You can also edit your check-in and check-out offset options if you prefer to extend PIN code access to easily accommodate early or late guest checkout. Select the three dots under Operations to edit this functionality.
screenshot of properties imported
  1. It’s time to connect your Tuya smart locks! Navigate to the Devices page and select the Import Devices button. From there, select Tuya from the drop-down list.
screenshot of process of importing devices
  1. You will be brought to the Tuya connection screen and prompted to send your credentials to our Support Team via a Support Request. From there, we will import your smart locks manually and configure those to be guest-ready for your reservations.

Note: If you already have your UID, you can submit that information to connect. 

screenshot of Tuya connection dialog box
screenshot of the Jervis Systems support screen
  1. Once your information is submitted you can expect a response from the Jervis Systems team within 1-2 business days, however, the response time is typically much faster. Our team will review your request and send over an email notification once your Tuya account has been connected from our side. 
  1. Once you have been notified, navigate to your Devices page to view your newly imported Tuya devices. Select the drop-down option under “Assigned Properties” to assign each of your imported devices to a property. Be sure the device is assigned to the correct property. Be sure the device is assigned to the correct property. After assigning your device, the status will show as enabled.
  1. Now, it’s time to import reservations. Head over to the reservations page. Your reservations will be automatically imported into Jervis Systems within 30 minutes to an hour. You can immediately import your STR reservations by navigating to the Reservations tab in your Jervis Systems account. From here select the “Refresh” button. Once your reservations are imported or refreshed, you should see your randomly generated PIN code under the SET PIN field.

Success! Your Tuya WiFi-enabled smart locks are now connected and access is set up for your guests. 

Need additional help and support? Check out the additional user guides on our FAQ page. You can also get in touch with the Jervis Systems Support Team by submitting a support request via your Jervis Systems account.



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