How to Connect Your Jervis Systems Account to Hostaway

With Jervis Systems you can connect to various property management systems (PMS) in order to import reservation details and automate access for guests using your smart locks and smart garage doors.

Follow the steps below to connect your Hostaway account:

  1. Log into your Jervis Systems account. (Create your Jervis Systems account here if you haven’t already. For more help on signing up, see our help guide here.)
  1. Navigate to the “Marketplace” page in your Jervis Systems dashboard and select the option to connect to Hostaway.
  1. In order to connect your Hostaway account, you’ll need to input your Account ID and your API Key. The next few steps will show you how to retrieve this information from your Hostaway account.
  1. To generate your Account ID and API Key, sign in to your Hostaway account and navigate to your “Hostaway API” tab. From there, you’ll click “Create” to generate your API key.
  1. Once you hit Create, name your API key. (Ex. Jervis Systems). Then click the “Create” button.
  1. From there, you’ll be able to see your Account ID and your API key. Copy and paste the key into Jervis Systems. Be sure to save your API key in a secure place.
  1. Once you’ve pasted your ID and API key into the fields in Jervis Systems, click “Submit”. It may take a second for the connection to be confirmed. Your Hostaway profile will now show the following settings. Be sure to leave these settings enabled.
Screenshot of Hostaway access settings in Jervis systems marketplace
  1. Once your Hostaway and Jervis Systems accounts are connected, go to your “Properties Page” within your Jervis Systems account and click “Refresh Properties”.
  1. When the page had reloaded, you will see all your imported properties. You can also select the three dots to the right of each listing to view and edit your property details.
  1. The next steps will walk you through setting up automated access between Jervis Systems and Hostaway for your imported reservations.

Note: All of your messages sharing access info with guests will go through Hostaway. (Make sure auto notifications are turned off as shown in step 8.)  We store the pin code generated with each reservation on Hostaway.  You can use the {{door_code}} variable in your Hostaway messaging.

To set this up, go to the Devices page and connect to your smart locks and devices by selecting the “Import Devices” button. From there, select your smart lock or device system provider and follow the prompts to connect your smart lock account.

  1. Once your devices are imported successfully, you will want to assign your devices to your imported Hostaway properties. You can do this by selecting the drop-down list under Assigned Properties and checking the boxes for the properties you want your device to be assigned to. From there, you’ll see that the device is now enabled.
  1. Navigate to your “Reservations” page and select “Refresh Reservations” to generate the SET PIN code for your reservation.
  1. You can confirm the setup of the SET Pin Code in your Hostaway account by navigating to the “Reservations” page in your Hostaway account. Select an upcoming reservation to view its details.
screenshot of the Hostaway reservations screen indicating a user to click on the reservation details
  1. On that reservation’s information screen, navigate to the section labeled “Door Code”. Opening that section will showcase the same PIN code.
Screenshot of the door code field in the reservation details on Hostaway
  1. To share this code with your guest for their upcoming stay, you will need to set up the email template to communicate the access details. From your left-hand navigation panel, select the option to view your “Inbox”. From there, select “Message Templates”.
Screenshot of the Hostaway Inbox
  1. From here, select the option to “Add New Template”.
Screenshot of the Hostaway Message templates screen with an arrow pointing to the "add new template" button
  1. From your template editing screen, select the brackets symbol within your message field. Type”code” into the standard fields search bar to find the bracketed “door code” option. This will need to be inserted into a message to your guests. Wherever you put this value, the Jervis Systems door code will populate.
Screenshot of numbered steps to add a door code placeholder in a Hostaway message template

Success! You now have your Jervis Systems and Hostaway accounts connected, your SET PIN is created, and your access instructions are set up for your guests.

If you have any questions or issues in connecting your PMS to your Jervis Systems account, send us a Support Request from your Jervis Systems dashboard. For more information or additional help guides, visit our FAQ page.



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