How to Connect & Setup Keyless Access for Your Cloudbeds Account

With the Jervis Systems-Cloudbeds integration, you can import your property listings and reservation details and automate property access via SET PIN codes for guests, cleaning companies, and maintenance personnel.

Below we outline the complete step-by-step process to connect Cloudbeds to Jervis Systems and set up PIN code access for guests. To initially connect your account, you have two options.

The first way is to connect through the Cloudbeds Marketplace. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Navigate to the Cloudbeds Marketplace and search for Jervis Systems. Click “Connect App” to initiate the authorization process with Jervis Systems.
  1. Once you select “Approve”, the connection is established and the “Connect App” button will change to “Login” and redirect you to the Jervis Systems login page.
  2. Once you have logged into your Jervis Systems account, proceed to step 6 below to configure your property details and set up access.

Your second option to initially connect your accounts is through your Jervis Systems dashboard. We outline the steps to connect below, along with the additional steps needed to set up automated keyless access:

  1. Sign in to your Cloudbeds account and Jervis Systems account. (Create your Jervis Systems account here if you haven’t already. For more help on signing up, see our help guide here.)
  2. From your Jervis Systems dashboard, navigate to the Marketplace page and select the option to connect to Cloudbeds.
Screenshot of Jervis Systems marketplace
  1. Once you select the option to connect, you will be brought to the login screen below. Enter your email address and password to connect.
screenshot of cloudbeds login screen
  1. From here, confirm that all boxes are checked for allowed access permissions. You will need this for full functionality. Click “Allow Acess” to authorize.
screenshot of authorization screen for Jervis Systems to access cloudbeds permissions
  1. You should see that Cloudbeds is now connected in the Jervis Systems Marketplace.
screenshot of Jervis systems marketplace showing cloudbeds PMS is connected
  1. Next, go to your Properties page within your Jervis Systems account and click “Refresh Properties”. When the page has been reloaded, you will see all the property listings imported from your Cloudbeds account. 
screenshot of properties screen in Jervis Systems with imported cloudbeds properties in a list
  1. From here, you have the option to edit your properties to add an offset capability that allows Jervis Systems to configure automated keyless access for early check-in and late check-out. If you have the same offset capabilities across all properties, you can use the bulk offset tool to apply these settings across your entire portfolio.
screenshot of bulk update offset feature  to edit cloudbeds properties
  1. The next steps will walk you through setting up automated access between Jervis Systems and Cloudbeds for your imported reservations. Go to the Devices page and connect to your smart locks and devices by selecting the “Import Devices” button. From there, select your smart lock or device system provider and follow the prompts to connect your smart lock account.

Important Note: For each lock vendor you will ONLY need to perform this action once. Otherwise, Jervis Systems will create duplicate vendor accounts. If you add, edit, or remove locks from the lock vendor account at any point, you can select the “Refresh Devices” button. The list will then populate based on your changes and any new devices added.

screenshot of import devices steps
screenshot of logging into ttlock to import into jervis systems
  1. Once your devices are imported successfully, you will want to assign your devices to your imported Cloudbeds properties. You can do this by selecting the drop-down list for the device you want to assign and checking the boxes for the properties to which you want it to be assigned.
screenshot of assigned ttlock device to a property in jervis systems
  1. Return to the Properties page. You should see the property status indicator has turned green for the properties with assigned devices. This means that the property is fully configured for automated access. 
screenshot of properties page with enabled message
  1. You can confirm that automated access is set up and ready to go by navigating to the Reservations tab in Jervis Systems. You should see the 4-digit code in the SET PIN field. 
screenshot of reservations screen with SET PIN code highlighted
  1. Your final step involves setting up your email templates in Cloudbeds to automatically send SET Pin code details to your guests. Jervis Systems automatically creates a custom field entry in your Cloudbeds account. You can view this by going into the Guest details tab in your Exit Guide, all located in your Profile Settings. This is the field that will be used in your email templates, which we will set up next.
screenshot of cloudbeds email template limitation

screenshot of cloudbeds custom fields in profile settings
  1. Under your Profile Settings, you will have the option to select the Exit Guide. Select that button to access the Email details in the left-hand navigation bar. You will select the templates tab to create a new message.
screenshot of cloudbeds setup guide
screenshot of cloudbeds email template settings
  1. Set up the subject line to automatically populate the property name. 
screenshot of cloudbeds email template settings for door code
  1. Set up the message details according to your preferences. To populate the door code field, open the field drop-down list and scroll to the bottom of the list to find the door code field and add that to the email wherever you want the SET PIN code to display. 
screenshot of cloudbeds email template settings for door code
screenshot of cloudbeds email template with inputted jervis systems door code
  1. Now that your email template has been created select the tab below to schedule your automated emails. 
screenshot of cloudbeds email templates listed in profile settings
  1. Create your email schedule to send before check-in. We suggest sending it 24 hours in advance.
screenshot of cloudbeds email scheduling tool settings
  1. Your scheduled email should now show up under the Email Scheduling tab.
screenshot of scheduled email in cloudbeds settings

screenshot of cloudbeds email template limitation

Success! You now have your Jervis Systems and Cloudbeds accounts connected, your SET PIN is created, and your access instructions are set up to be sent out to your guests.

Need to disconnect from Jervis Systems for any reason? From your Cloudbeds account, head over to your account and the “Manage Apps” tab under Apps and Integrations to disconnect Jervis Systems. Check out the Cloudbeds support guide here for more details.

If you have any questions or issues in connecting to Jervis Systems, please contact our team here or submit a support request from your Jervis Systems dashboard. For more information or additional help guides, visit our FAQ.



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