How to Connect a PMS to Your Jervis Systems Account

With Jervis Systems you can connect to various property management systems (PMS) in order to import reservation details and automate access for guests using your smart locks and smart garage doors.

Follow the steps below to connect your property management platform:

1. Log in to your Jervis Systems account.

Image of Jervis Systems home page with login button highlighted

2. Click on the ‘Marketplace’ button on the left-hand toolbar.

Image of Jervis systems dashboard with "marketplace" button highlighted

3. Select the Property Management Application you would like to connect to and follow the on-screen prompts to connect the PMS application.

Image of Jervis Systems Marketplace page with iGMS, Hostaway and Lodgify PMS platforms

4. The Property will be imported automatically. From here, you can adjust the title and details of the property as necessary.

Image of Jervis systems property page with property details and "edit" button highlighted

5. Navigate to ‘Devices’ in the left-hand toolbar, and assign smart devices you would like to add to the property.

Image of Jervis Systems devices page with drop-down to assign devices to property highlighted

6. Go to ‘Reservations’ and refresh the page.

Image of Jervis Systems dashboard with "reservations" button highlighted

7. Success! You should see details regarding your imported reservations.

Image of Jervis Systems reservations page with a list of rental guest reservations

Regarding PIN codes: If reservations are added that allow for PIN generation (Schlage Encode, August Wi-Fi, Yale Assure), we will automatically add the PIN codes to the locks and schedule based on the access.

If you have any questions or issues in connecting your PMS to your Jervis Systems account, please contact our team here. For more information on Jervis Systems remote access management or additional help guides, visit our blog.



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