Connecting your Genie Aladdin garage opener to Jervis Systems

This article will explain how to connect your Genie Aladdin smart garage opener to Jervis Systems allowing you to manage, secure, and automate access from anywhere in the world.

The Genie Aladdin Connect garage door opener is one of many smart access devices supported by Jervis Systems. You can pair all of your smart locks and garage doors on multiple properties to consolidate and automate access. To view a full list of our supported devices please visit our supported devices page here.

Follow the instructions below for seamless integration of your garage door to Jervis Systems access management platform.

Connecting your Genie Aladdin garage opener to Jervis Systems:

Connecting the Genie Aladdin to Jervis Systems requires you to create both an Aladdin Connect App account and a Jervis Systems account. Once your accounts are created, you can pair your Aladdin Connect garage opener to Jervis Systems.

To create an Aladdin Connect account:

  1. Download and open the Aladdin Connect app.
  2. Tap SIGN UP.
  3. Fill out the form and confirm your account.
  4. Follow the app’s steps to add your Genie device.

To create a Jervis Systems account:

  1. Open the Jervis Systems website on your computer or smartphone.
  2. Tap SIGN UP or visit
  3. Fill out your information and confirm your account.
  4. Add one property at minimum to your account.  

How to pair your Genie garage doors to Jervis Systems:

Once you have set up your Aladdin Connect and Jervis Systems accounts, you can pair your Genie garage doors to the Jervis Systems platform.

To add a Genie device to Jervis Systems:

  1. Log in to your Jervis Systems account.
  2. Click on the ‘Devices’ button on the left-hand menu bar.
  3. Click on the ‘Import Devices’ button and then select the ‘Aladdin Connect Account’
  4. Click ‘OK’ to authorize Yonomi to connect your Genie Aladdin Account
  5. Sign in using your Aladdin Connect App credentials. You will now see your devices on your Jervis Systems account.
  6. Assign your devices to the correct property by using the ‘Assigned Property’ drop-down list. Select the correct property for each device added.

Success! You have now paired your Genie Aladdin garage doors to Jervis Systems! 

For any questions or concerns please contact us here.
For more articles and information on Jervis Systems remote access management, visit our blog posts.



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