Best Practices for PIN Code Setup in Jervis Systems

For each Jervis Systems reservation, our system automatically creates and assigns a multi-digit code for each reservation. Over several years in the rental industry, alongside several years being in business, we have learned what works best when it comes to perfecting a rental stay with the use of PIN codes. 

Here are a few best practices we recommend to prevent any issues during your guest stays. 

  1. Don’t promise to set a specific PIN based on a guest’s phone number.

Property owners and managers like to offer guests the option to have a PIN code for entry that is based on the last four digits of their phone number. For many guests, this makes memorizing the code a no-brainer. 

In Jervis Systems, our initial effort is to set the PIN based on the guest’s phone number.  If this fails for any reason, we create a random code for the guest. 

Occasionally, we need to set a random code. There are several scenarios that lead to this:

  • The code may have already been on the lock. 
  • Multiple phone numbers were provided for the same guest and our system created the door code based on the first number we received
  • There may be multiple guests on one reservation and multiple phone numbers were passed along.  We create the door code based on the first phone number we received. 
  • No phone number was sent along with the reservation
  • Privacy concerns may cause booking sites to not provide us the guest’s number

You can use the appropriate variable from your property management system (PMS) platform or from Jervis Systems to add the PIN code dynamically into the message sent to the guest.  

We recommend using the respective PIN code variable in your PMS platform to allow the code to be dynamically sent to your guest.

  1. Set a four-digit PIN. 

Jervis Systems works with a number of lock brands and smart devices.  

For most lock brands, you are able to configure the number of digits for a PIN code during setup, and there are those that support 6-digit and 8-digit PINs. We recommend a 4-digit PIN to make it easy for your guests to remember the PIN.  

  1. Avoid smart lock limitations. 

Smart locks have limitations on the number of codes that can be applied to them at one time. 

This is an issue that Jervis Systems automatically resolves for you by importing reservations within a rolling two-week window. Above your list of reservations in Jervis Systems, we specify the date to mark the cut-off point for reservations that are imported, based on the check-in date.

Additionally, for property owners and managers who have many reservations into 2023 and 2024, this cleans up your Jervis Systems Dashboard view.

  1. Have a backup plan.

Your PIN codes work great, until the rare day that they don’t and your guest is locked out of the property. As a STR property manager, those days are your worst nightmare.

Avoid frustrated messages and driving out to your properties, by taking a few minutes to set up a couple of backup codes on your locks. In addition, you can set up a lockbox with physical keys as a last resort.

For more details on creating backup codes, along with our trusted lockbox recommendations, check out our dedicated user guide here.

Let us know if you have any other questions when it comes to SET PIN codes. 

We continue to update our Support guides. You can check out our FAQ page to find these guides, alongside answers to other frequently asked questions.



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